Managing Designers


I’ve been practicing Interaction Design for 16 years now, and if I’ve learned anything, I know that there is always more to learn. For most of my career, I’ve been the sole designer in a software development company. I had an intern for a time, and I teach on the side, but I’ve never managed other designers. Finally, I’m getting the opportunity to assemble a small design group, and I’m going to be taking on management responsibilities. I know I’ll be getting the corporate training that all managers in my company receive, but I’m looking for information specifically about managing designers. And while I can certainly Google with the best of them (10 expert tips on how to manage designers!), I’m hoping for some great references from my people.

So, what have you got?


Dan Saffer was kind enough to compile a list and was going to post them here, but the site thinks he’s a n00b and wouldn’t let him post multiple links. This is the list he sent to me:

Dan also recommends the book Managing Humans by Michael Lopp.