Master degree: Kingston or City?

I’m looking for a good place to do a masters in UX/HCI.

There are a lot of topics on City, and they seem to be mostly positive.
But I can’t seem to find anyone talking about Kingston’s course. Anyone here with experience from this one? I’d prefer to start in January, City doesn’t seem to allow that.

These are both in London. If you happen to known about a really good school in the US or anywhere else in the English speaking world that would also be really helpful too!

I can’t comment on the quality of the course but I lived in Kingston for 5 years and its a very pleasant place

Lindsey Wilson College in the U.S. is offering a Masters Degree in IXD but it is broadly focused so it is more of a UX degree in reality. It is fully online so you could complete it from the UK. We are accepting new students for January which is our Spring Semester. The degree is highly focused on projects and the faculty are all working professionals in the UX field from all over the U.S.

You can learn more at

Hi Wilhelm,

City has a better reputation than Kingston’s. Kingston’s course is relatively new (less than 10 years). Hearing from my peers who graduated from both places, it seems that City has a better offering.

I graduated from UCL’s HCI-e programme which is also excellent albeit more expensive. It’s also in London although I’m not sure if they have a january intake.

Hope this helps.


Thanks guys!
Hey Boon, I’m hearing City’s HCI master course is a lot more theoretical than Kingston and UCL. Do you know anything about that? I would prefer to work and be graded more through practical work.

I’m not sure if Kingston is more practical compared to City but I know City is more practical than UCL. Pros and cons though. Sometimes you need additional grounding in theory which will stand the test of time, rather than be swayed by emergent needs of the industry which changes a lot in a short duration.