Masters In HCI / HCDE / HCI/d / HF&E in US

Hi, my name is Aziz Khilawala. I am applying for master’s program in HCI in US universities for fall 2016. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a score of 71% from Mumbai, India.
My GRE score is 309/340. Quantitative score 157/170, Verbal score is 152/170, Analytical writing assessment score is 3.5/6.0. My TOEFL score is109/120. Reading 27, Listening 27, Writing 27 and Speaking 24. According to my above profile, I have applied to 3 universities listed below for fall 2016 admission, they are:-

  1. Indiana University Bloomington - MS in HCI/d
  2. The University of Washington, Seattle - MS in Human Centered Design and Engineering
  3. San Jose State University - MS in Human Factors and Ergonomics

I would like know which other universities offer MS in HCI related courses in US. I would appreciate if you could also send me application deadlines for the same. Any help is valuable. Thanks.