Masters Programs - IXD, UX?

I studied design and communication as an undergrad and am looking for a decent IXD/UX grad program, but they’re all so new it’s hard to tell which schools are good. I’ve been looking at the Royal College of Art in London specifically, anyone have any advice?

I would highly recommend Brunell for it’s MSc in Integrated Product Design course. I’ve seen many of the top design firms in London recruit candidates from there. It’s a great hands on course. You come out really well formed as a designer with exposure to all aspects of design including design management.

UCL has a HCI course but it’s VERY academic. Employers haven’t been too happy about that course primarily because it’s heavy focus on academia. If your goal is to do a PhD and get deep into research this is the course you want. But if your goal is to get into the market I would not recommend it at all.

University of Greenwich also has an Interaction Design Course( but I’ve not heard much about it.

Lastly, I’ve heard good things about RCA. The only thing I’ve heard students complain is the tenure of the course being 2 years. If you’re willing to spend 2 years on your Masters, and are looking for a great name, and get exposure to a solid network this is the course.

Don’t bother there’s no work in the subject your studying and the developers are now wanting to write unit tests for doing user experience. All in all I would try a different qualification like law which is bound to get you work in an industry.

I think if I had it to do over again, I would try to decide what specifically I wanted to be doing with the degree afterward. (and if I didn’t know, I’d probably put the masters on hold and go grab a junior position somewhere and just start trying it on) then check the portfolios/theses of each program’s students to see which was closest to what I wanted to do.

It’s hard to measure “good”. Most programs do something good. I think it’s more of a fit issue than quality one.