Measure Qualitative Product Feedback

Hello everyone!

I have a question and would like to discuss a topic about measuring qualitative product feedback.

Hope this is the right category :slight_smile:

How do you collect and manage the in-app product feedback? Could you suggest any particular tool for it, or do you use simple forms and analyze results manually?

Here is my case. We had a B2B SaaS product with different modules, and I was working on a customer feedback loop strategy for it.

I got a bit stuck with it. The biggest challenges I faced:

  • Automation. I want to ask users at the right place and at the right time. E.g., a customer used certain feature X times. I want to ask them if they’re able to achieve their goals, what they’re trying to accomplish, or if the module is missing any key feature. Another example could be, I want to try to collect NPS with an open question from a new user in a week after sign up and then repeat it every month.
  • It’s hard to analyze and relate open-ended responses to make it actionable. It requires manual effort.
  • NPS, CSAT, CES doesn’t provide actionable insight by itself. It doesn’t dive deep into specific product issues. We need to understand “why” and most likely follow-up individually on all negative scores.
  • Low response rates. It should be easy to leave feedback. Ideas that come to my mind is to ask concrete questions and make UI user-friendly to reduce the cognitive load.

How do you approach this? Could you suggest any software?

I am looking forward to reading any thoughts on this. Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks!

Br, Nikita