Morae Users - what was your timeline to proficiency?

Folks who gather and share research using Morae, I’d love to hear how long it took you to get comfortable using the software efficiently.

A potential employer has asked me to estimate how long it would take me to ramp up to a high level of competence in Morae - the position they’re hiring for is responsible for most of the usability testing in the group, so I’m hoping to come up with an estimate how quickly I could reach a high level of competency with the software. I tend to be a decently quick study on new software, but I haven’t had an opportunity to work with eye tracking software yet; I’d be starting from scratch.

It would be especially helpful to know:

  1. How long did it take you to use Morae efficiently for testing and for presenting findings?
  2. How would you characterize Morae’s learning curve? Are there a lot of moving pieces to learn up front that cover most of the program’s functions, or is it more of a quick start on the basics with big jumps in knowledge needed later as complex projects arise?
  3. If you’ve taught others to use Morae what challenges did you discover in that process?
  4. How would you characterize the relative functionality of Tobii and Morae, for folks who’ve used both systems?

Thanks in advance for your guidance. As a long-time lurker on these threads I’ve picked up invaluable perspective here. I appreciate your time on this question as I get deeper into beautiful data-collection nerd-com.

I used morae a several times and it was really helpful, because i had to conduct user tests by myself. The remote observer functionality is gold, but the setup was kind of not-out-of-the-box.
For me it was very helpful to use a Nintendo Wii controller as a remote to set markers on specific observations, which i would have forgot afterwards. Additionally it was not disturbing for the participant, because it was not necessary to mess around with the computer during the test.
For reporting it was quite helpful to export all the screenshots and comments directly into microsoft word. This saved me hours.
In my opinion Morae is quite complex, but after some runs you really get comfy with some of its features. So, worth a try.

Just my 2 cents.

I found it very easy and got to grips with it immediately but I had previous experience with video editing so maybe that helped