New Book: Design for Dasein

As Interaction 15 draws near (alas, I cannot make it this year), I wanted to share an outcome of last year’s conference in Amsterdam. I spoke there on the topic of “Design for Dasein,” or the idea that there is significant crossover between experience design and phenomenology, the study of human experience (“Dasein” comes from phenomenological literature).

At the time, I was toying with the idea of writing a book, and the presentation was something of a prototype. Based on the feedback I received from that talk, I decided to turn the rough outline and presentation material into a book, which is now available: Design for Dasein: Understanding the Design of Experiences. It attempts to draw connections between design thinking, experience design, and the human experience, tracing the evolution of how phenomenology treats the nature of experience, interaction, and interpretation.

Sorry if this is a bit too self-promotional for these forums, but I thought it would be apropos, especially with the upcoming gathering of design folk.

Looks compelling, Thomas. Dasein sounds like a kind of synthesis is necessary if we are to push the boundaries of design in behalf of those our work is meant to serve.

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Wow this book design looks great.