New to IxD, DePaul, polyu, rit or nyu?

Hello! I graduated in 2010 majoring in information systems and have some basic database/jabascript/htmlcss programming skills. I worked in hr for 2 years after and recently decided to make a change to uxid. I have some web design experience from freelance work.

I applied for grad school and am now trying to decide between:
DePaul University: MSHCI
RIT: MFA, visual communication, interaction design
NYU: MS, integrated media, interaction design
PolyU (Hong Kong): MDes, interaction design

Can anyone give me some advice on which program might be best for me? I am at a huge loss as to what will help me gain the most uxid knowledge and make me competitive in the workplace. Any feedback is appreciated!! Thank you!!

This is interesting because I was told that there are no jobs categorically in interaction design in the uk anyway but I’d suggest doing a course that will get you a job at the end of it and not be too worried about the name of the university!