NN/g Usability Week and UX Certification

Hi guys,

I’m planning to attend the NN/g Usability week in London on the next year and try to get the UX Certification. Did anyone who already attended? Does it worth it?


Knowledge wise I’d say if your totally new to the field and have zero work experience it’s a great way to get involved and pick up the basic concepts. If you’re already comfortable with the basics some of their courses can be be a way to focus in on some specializations. I took UX for Analytics this year and found it informative.

IMO the certification is highly contextual to your career needs and quite frankly how much money you have to put towards additional qualifiications.

Hope that helps.

Hi Pedro,

I know someone who is pursuing one of the NN/G courses, but I’m not sure if this is one of them. He’s been doing the course for a few years now and is a UX practitioner himself. He is based in Hong Kong, but travels to London on occasion for specific classes.

Ping me an email at boon.chew@gmail.com and I’ll try and connect the two of you.


I just attended the one in Chicago. It was good. Got my certification. You need to read carefully the courses description. The User Research and UX Strategy overlaped by about 30%.