Online Masters designed for experienced IxD/UX designers

Hi all,
As promised in SFO earlier this year, we’re launching a new online Masters degree at RMIT University.

It’s not designed to help you become a better interaction designer.
It is designed to help good interaction designers become better design leaders.

The degree has been designed around the shift to experience centred design, so IxD’ers should feel right at home. Delivery is accelerated and 100% online, so you can complete it in 1 year full time (or 2 years part time). It’s designed and taught by a global team of design practitioners and educators — including me :blush:

You can check it out at

I’m really proud of the degree we’ve designed, and I’m keen to hear what the IxDA community think of this approach to edu… The field of interaction design is at a stage now that our early practitioners are leading figures in global organisations, so we decided we needed to think about how to help build the next generation of design leaders.

I’m posting this as a separate thread because I think there’s a possible discussion here around the value of IxD / UX etc as a way to think about value creation, business & leadership.

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