Online Masters Programs

I have a BS in CS here in the US. I want to move into UI/UX field. What should I look for in a good online program? Have you earned an online degree? Are there things to watch out for? How do these stand up to an actual campus experience? Are there any recommendations for programs?
So far, I’ve discovered:
[Louisville Center for Design Lindsey Wilson College][1]
[Kent State][2]
DePaul University
[Georgia Tech][3]
[Iowa State][4]
[Tallinn University][5]

Thanks in advance!

I am Dr. Dennis Robinson, the Director of Online Programs at Lindsey Online, the institution that offers the degree you mentioned at the top of your list. I have been working in Online programs for many years. Most educational research says there is no difference as far as learning is concerned, between classroom and online instruction. Some studies have even found online to be better. As far as the Lindsey Wilson program is concerned, the major difference is that most of our faculty are professionals working in the field and teaching for our program. This exposes you to current, relevant projects and not outdated concepts. Curriculum is also drawn from current methods and principles. This degree is very project based and provides experiences you will encounter in the workplace. We would be pleased to have you in the program.