Optimization as a focus of design

On the IXDAwards blog @docbaty wrote an interesting piece on optimization as a focus for interaction design. I was wondering if anybody has any thoughts related to this topic.

A lot of day to day IxD work, especially when it’s considered in the context of “ux,” is really focused on optimization as a main goal… making things more usable, easier, faster, more efficient, streamlined processes… these are probably thing most of us hear from our clients or companies regularly as goals for the work we do. Part of what Steve was getting at in that post is that optimization can be more than making an existing system more efficient, sometimes it means innovating on or reframing a system entirely to see a better way to accomplish a goal. That’s way more interesting IMO, and something a lot more organizations need to be considering when they think about improving value and experience with their products and services.

What do other think? Any experiences with these types of optimization in different organizations?