Photo Retouching?

I need some expert suggestion on photo retouching. I would like grab the attention of all the members of the forum, on how to remove the dark patches of the picture. Kindly assist me in completing the task.

This is an interaction design forum try smashing magazine for that request.

Also a great place to find al sorts of tutorials is

Thank you for replay me, yeah tutsplus is good, but I need fully concept. So what can I do?

Hi, I think this forum is not really the place to ask these kind of questions. You can sent me a personal message with the image, so I can look at it and maybe give you a solution.

marcel (place the at sign)

Ok, I will send you a photo as early as possible.

This is an interesting topic, practice of retouching, I like photography.once largely confined to fashion spreads and advertisements, has become much more common in recent years across all editorial photography, according to many industry professionals. Many applications are there for make perfect our picture like photoshop.
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Thanks for your suggestion.