Please critique my UX portfolio


I have some similar to UX background, but key word is similar. Now I
am trying to search for a job as User Researcher, UX Designer, MVT
But I receive a lot of rejections just at the starting stage when I send
resume and portfolio.
So I would be very pleased for some critique of my portfolio site:

Hi Sergej,

I gave the site a look. Seems you’re a very talented designer.

What was missing for me (thinking as a hiring manager): I couldn’t see anything in your work that showed me what you would do for me. You’re making me look through your background, experience, and talents, and making me do all the work to see how you’re useful.

If you think about this, this goes against the process you lay out in your first portfolio exhibit. In that exhibit, You talk about doing research and figuring out key measures for success. Where have you demonstrated that in your portfolio, with relation to any job you might be applying for?

I recommend you look into an performance-based hiring technique, like the one that Lou Adler describes in the Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired. In that, you’ll see that a generic résumé and portfolio won’t help you land jobs, which sounds like it matches up with the experience you’re currently having.

Hope that helps,



Hi Jared ,
Thank you very much for your response.
Yes now I am working on practical demonstration of UX process.
Is it what you mean that needs to be demonstrated?

This was a question recently asked over at stackexchange.

Yes, you can clearly build a website but I found it very hard making a picture of you because there’s just too much information on your site.

What I would like to see is something like:

“I am a uxer with x years experience” and then a small number of case studies where you illustrate how you solved a problem with your ux skillz and what the outcome was. That’s what I want.



Information overload! Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager - what questions would they ask?
Odds are they don’t have much time to go through and compare the portfolios of 20 applicants if they have
as much content as your site does.

A UX designer builds a particular product for a specific audience. In this case, the audience you serve are UX managers. If I was hiring a UX designer, I would look for simplicity and ease of use in the portfolio, which is not
concisely communicated in the overall design. I think that your site doesn’t show an understanding of your audience.

Also, there seems to be inconsistencies in your typography. Some of it is really nice, such as the statistics section, while the content-heavy portions seem flat.

I think you’ve made a good step forward by asking the opinions of others here! It shows that you are trying to
understand the people that your are designing for.
Hope that helps!

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UX_Dom .

Great advice , you should consider lecturing if you don’t already .

Go find out what Leonardo Da Vinci said about simplicity .
And to get a gist of what your approach should be - there is a course called " Conducting Userability Testing " at the Interaction Design Foundation (Copenhagen) - go do it , it will sort you out right there and then.
Sometimes the basics is what employers look for - I am 1 and my people have became my consultants over time because they can get through the maze by sticking to the basics - we are " Experience" people aren’t we .
Forget your own skills and find out what the guy on the other side wants and who he is aka the " customer" .

Very few jobs in the Industry sadly and most are taken up by developers.

what? where are you based?

There is a massive shortage of UX folks and those that do work in UX, in my experience, were not developers.

Developers seem to make weird UXers