Question for education research purposes

Would a high quality, fully online masters degree program in IXD that can be completed in 1 year at a cost of $10,000.00 (less than half typical masters degree at State Colleges) be of interest to working IXD and UX professionals? These conditions would only be possible for experienced IXD and UX professionals because of their previous experience.

That question makes it sound like you’ve identified that price and duration are the two most important factors to getting a master degree. Is that true?

Market research in the education area has shown that for working adults seeking an online degree, these are the 2 primary factors they look at first. I am sure quality is a factor including wanting a degree from an accredited institution, etc.

Except form the degree, what intensity are we talking about. Is this a video college? Or do you get all the books in the world about interaction design and a good luck with it. :wink:

It would be nice to see a shot of topic list here. :smile:

Marcel Interaction designer from The Netherlands