Responsive cross navigation help

I’m new on here, so please be kind!

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I am creating designs for a tool to help users (students mainly) understand and learn about Research Methods. (not UX research, research in general).

The client are asking me to improve on some designs they already have, which they are not 100% happy with, and are asking me to provide some alternatives.

The challenge is to provide a cross navigational tool that works responsively

This tool is broken into 11 stages Each Stage is broken into a number of sections (up to 15 different sections).

I need the navigation between stages and the user’s current location to be clear on the content pages

I need the sectional navigation to be clear on the content page

I need the tool to work responsively

I need this to be as slick and easy to use as possible - the whole idea of the tool is to make research less scary to students, so it needs to be user friendly.

I wanted to attach the designs but as a new user I am not allowed…

Can anyone help me identify a design pattern that allows to access 11 steps and up to 15 ‘chapters’ within the steps?

Thanks in advance,


Hey Sarah ,

See your point .

To understand the phycology being your task Steve Krug is probably your best way to get going as you state that you’re new here .
For you to enter the space the correct way is in all probability to start of with his book about the customer who didn’t want to think . It’s cheap and you can read it in a few hrs .
To propel you into the space of site IQ spend 72 USD and get yourself membership with the Interaction Design Foundation , in Copenhagen.

Next time you’re here you will be the one answering the questions .

Welcome !