Returning to UX after 3 year hiatus - where to catch up



I’m returning to UX after taking 3 years off. I’m looking for advice on where I need to do some catch-up to become competitive again.

Learning Sketch is at the top of my list and I’ve already signed up for a General Assembly Sketch workshop. There are tons of tools that have matured since I’ve been active in the field, but it’s difficult to identify which others are important. Any other software or services I should be sure to know?

I’m also looking for advice on the current UX thought. User Journeys, Product and Design Thinking have gotten really big. Are there other topics I need to be able to speak to during interviews?

Of course, I’d love to hear additional advice or any stories about re-entering the field after a hiatus.

A little more about me… I started UX in 2004 after finishing a Masters program, have 6 years of high-end agency experience, and have led UX work for many large clients, typically in the content, media and mission-driven industries. I’m currently in the SF Bay area.

Thanks! DavyR