Seeking elite designer(s) to catalyze a revolution in science


Throwing words together to explain context: there has been a “revolution”, “disruption”, “generational and transformational” shift in the basic sciences due to a new theory (fact). It is a paradigm shift so large that it actually requires design to accelerate and catalyze the shift. Scientists lack the perspective to see outside the current paradigm (so reject this idea like a virus), key agents in industry (who will use these ideas to profit) aren’t aware, and the scientist who discovered the theory (and published it extensively) has long since moved on to now using the theory to innovate on holy-grail type problems. The idea of efficient science and peer review as a workable way in which new ideas are reviewed, tested, and approved can basically be dumped in the garbage. The world is asleep at the wheel in a time when the Archimedes, Newton, or Einstein figure of our millennium is living in our time.

If you are an elite interaction (or visual) designer interested in something epic with actual time to dedicate, get in touch. I am not interested in agencies, but seeking a person (or maybe two) to create a small team. If you are an interaction designer the two nice qualities would be
a) relentlessly able to go deeper and deeper into a subject to be able to design for it. Mindbending stuff ahead of you. While I can be your chaperone here, it would be nice if you have some calculus, linear algebra, physics and chemistry.
b) unparalleled talent to design in a very complex space of technology and the human element, and breathe out tangible and specific design architectures. A guerilla-army commando more than a “military strategist” is needed.

You can contact me at my personal email: to discuss. A part time role and flexibility would be possible for the right person(s).

note: my post here has been approved by IXDA staff (not a job post). While this team will be connected to a profit motive, that profit will be a driver to accelerate our mission.


i am not blaming anyone but i have found that there is a trend going in the design world which is commercialized by nature. If we talk about science in design, we have to aware about zoo architecture which has necessity to connect with nature. But, unfortunately, i found that there is not a single architect or designer especially in India who takes zoo architecture seriously. As a matter of fact, there is not a single person in India who is doing passionately for conservation.