Service / Site to Post Volunteer Profile

I am interested in completing extremely particular kinds of projects as educational exercises / portfolio additions pro bono. Spending hours scouring job posting boards for someone looking for more experienced professionals to complete the work for pay seems ridiculous. I mean, who doesn’t want a free employee / product? Businesses and entrepreneurs should be coming to me.

Does anyone know of a service or site that will basically let me post something along the lines of “this is the kind of pro bono work that I want to do”? Is there an existing place people who are apathetic about professional qualifications and/or working with limited budgets visit to find free service providers?

Hey Jennifer,

I haven’t come across a specific site like that, except for sites that allow you to post your services as a freelancer / remote worker (e.g. LinkedIn also allows you to highlight your volunteer contributions, which is something you can promote on your profile.