Studies, market research, user feedback

Hi everyone, I’m finding myself very often needing information about our users and our clients can’t provide anything…
I’m usually trying to find studies / market research / user feedback that match their business (even though it’s not as good as information about their actual users, it’s much better than nothing :smile: ).

I was wondering whether there are websites where you usually go to find this information ?
I haven’t found anything, so I end up looking for information a little bit everywhere and it takes ages…

If you have suggestions on where to find interesting studies, market research, user feedback, etc. either free or non free, I’m very interested !!


Suggest you can also start with some user interviews to see what you can learn about the domain.

This assumes that its easy to get access to the people you are looking to understand more about.


Your question likes very important for a one economics student. Because student of economics they are always researching market share market, stock exchange, etc. So I prefer form you submit your question on kind of economics related forum. It may be more helpful than you jnicoleaud.