Suggestions for tools to measure time users take to get through a system


I’m after suggestions to on code based tools to measure timing of users whilst they’re using a test system.

Any suggestions ideally I want to time users through website journeys or apps in research situations.


You can pay bigger bucks for tools like morae to capture the screen and a web cam shot. But many designers use simple web conferencing tools, screen capture. Or live tools like, that will record the time of sessions, but these are not for formal user testing.

You’re good as long as you record the session, and you’ll want a face shot so you can read into their level of tension, by scanning for a WTF-face or clear ease emotions, and have them talk out. If you don’t have the face shot, you can still do a pretty decent job.

With a simple video, you’ll have the time, and you can add the numbers to excel, to calculate basic stats like average time, difficulty, completion rates, and you may want things like how often people think they’re finished when they are not.
A friend gave a nice presentation on his experience with user testing, using Morae. See slide 17 of his deck, where he asked participants to rate the difficulty, and measured the time, and whether or not they complete the process. But you can also do this with free web conferencing video. I haven’t tried Zoom for this, but it might be a good option as it’s free, high quality, and lets you record sessions. Others use Joinme. Here’s his dek: