The 2016 IxDA Call to the Community

Since 2003, IxDA community support has enabled IxDA to grow from an email discussion list to a fully-fledged global non-profit community of more than 80,000 individuals and 170+ local groups worldwide, with active programs and platforms to advance the discipline of interaction design.

Support from the IxDA community is at the core of our growth and development. You are the members who come together as a vibrant community in support of our goals. IxDA is committed to maintaining our accessible community by not requiring membership fees or dues. Therefore we rely on the IxDA community—both individuals and corporate sponsors—to contribute resources, time, skills, and money in service of the needs of the community. Your contribution carries this commitment forward. Last year, we raised just over $15,000. For 2016, we’ve set a target of $25,000. Pledge your support today.

Our 2016 goals align with IxDA’s vision:

  • Increase awareness, through action as well as communication, that IxDA is a mission-driven organization;
  • Strengthen IxDA’s core operations so we continue to operate effectively while incorporating new voices and perspectives in key leadership roles;
  • Increase the flow of funds into the organization through revenue generation and fundraising so we can support the volunteer leadership with an expanded professional staff;
  • Empower local groups and community members as the primary leaders of the platforms and initiatives that advance IxDA’s mission.

We’re looking ahead to harness new energy and resources to develop new programs and services for the community in service of IxDA’s mission.

Building together: Choose Your Pledge
Our pledge drive is short and sweet: It starts today and ends Friday, June 17 at 12 midnight EST. Watch, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for weekly prize draw winners and progress reports toward our
$25,000 goal.

Make a one-time contribution from $10 to $100.

Make a one-time contribution from $101 to $500.

Make a one-time contribution from $501 to $1500

Make a one-time contribution of more than $1500

It’s simple—please pledge what you can. Contribute online via Paypal or mail a check to:

Interaction Design Association
9450 SW Gemini Drive #49749
Beaverton, OR 97008-7105

Tax information
Donations to Interaction Design Association, Inc. – a 501©(3) non-profit organization – are tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Contribute today to help IxDA make an even stronger impact in our community.

Recognition and Rewards
Your participation deserves our thanks via public recognition. We will
add the names of all donors (with your permission) to a new community
page on We’ll also reward the following support levels:

  • $100+: Weekly draw for an IxDA merchandise
  • $500+: Weekly draw for an Interaction17 conference pass
  • $1500+: We’ll send you an Interaction17 conference pass and an invitation to join IxDA Leadership for dinner during the conference

How will my pledge be used?
Proceeds will benefit IxDA’s general operations, further strengthening the year-over-year continuity of our global initiatives –, the annual Interaction conference, the Interaction Awards. While unrestricted giving allows IxDA the most flexibility to channel your support, you can choose to direct your pledge to a specific initiative:

IxDA Impact Initiative: A new initiative with the goal of addressing global issues through design challenges for the Interaction Design;

  • IxDA Technology Platforms: Website hosting and online collaboration tools. Annual sys admin support.
  • Local Groups: A general fund to seed the continued development of local groups - specifically in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Thank you for supporting the IxDA
IxDA relies on individual initiative, contribution, sharing and self-organization as the primary means for us to achieve our goals. Thank you for support in building IxDA’s community and impact!

Brenda Sanderson,
Executive Director