Ux, ixd, hci or ucd?

Hi, I’m a IXD diploma graduate finishing my studies in singapore.
And i’m pretty confused where to move to forward.

I’m pretty interested in UX AND UCD, focusing more on theories, codes, process and etc.
I’m still a creative one, still able to do all the digital stuffs etc.

However, I’m unsure if i should apply for a local degree course in SUTD, digital media degree in SIT or
are there other options? Any suggestions or advices please?

Thankyou in advanced!:slight_smile:

Hi Abigail, congratulations on your diploma!

The UX world is still all very shiny and new, and still growing at an incredible rate. Whether you go back to school or go into the workforce is a matter of preference, but it’s never too early to get into the workforce. It sounds like you’re a natural academic, so if you learn well in a school setting and have the opportunity to learn more, that knowledge will never go to waste.

However, trends and knowledge in the UX workforce tend to consistently outpace curriculums, so usually you’ll learn more up-to-date knowledge by doing… Either way, the market isn’t going anywhere so if you went back to school it wouldn’t be time wasted.

All the best!

Hi Abigail ,

Good advice from Chris .
With UX you have get into virtual mode - work and study wise .
Study wise the Interaction Design Foundation in Copenhagen is your best bet - Google them and get involved .

The new buzzword in UX is Experience Design and HIT ( Human Interaction Tech ) - Get onto the Digital Telepathy Blog . They mix and embrace both the work and study part and will get you going .

Good luck

Hi Abigail,
As strange as it may sound, if you are still in a learning mood, I would get an MBA or take some courses in business. I meet so many young designers that are so intent on designer the user experience, that they forget the context that it lives in. Best quote I ever heard on the subject was “design art that works, not works of art”.

Everything we do in uxd is tied to business on some way or another, and to understand what it is that you are enabling from the business side as you negotiate that identity with the users, will put you far ahead of others who may have a more shallow experience of the field.