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Welcome to the IxDA Discussions! This is a place for the interaction design community to come together for discussions about interaction design, design in general, education, careers, IxDA events and groups, and other topics of interest to the community.

This is home to a vibrant community of designers and people interested in interaction design and related topics. We welcome all levels of practice, from complete beginners to experienced experts. This is a great place to get questions answered and share your experiences and perspectives with the larger community.

This forums will also be a home for discussing IxDA content from the Interaction Conference, IxDAwards, Local Group events, and more.

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As a new member there are a couple things to keep in mind.

In order to reduce spam new members can only post one link in a topic or reply. There are a few other small features that are restricted until you move past the “new user” status.

To increase your ability to do things on the forum (post links, videos, branch topics by replying as a new topic) you need to be active on the forum, that means reading topics and posts and spending some time on the site. It doesn’t take much to move up to the next level and get some new features.


I’m a new member, found you at an article about Required or Optional at LUKEW. Thanks


Welcome to the forum.


Thanks! :slight_smile: I’ll will learn a lot from you guys, hope to give something back. :blush:


anytime ask a question.


I can’t remember how I found this site, but I’m here now.


Hi,welcome to this forum.Nice to meet you all


Hi Guys,I Just attend the event of IxDA Cairo The first time held on Egypt, Really It was amazing that is give me introduction of interaction Design and the methodology i always want to know a lot about it, to develop my Career and go deeper into it.
Thanks A lot Guys