What are the skills required for IxDA?


Currently i am working as a UI Prototyper, I have interest to change my job to interaction design,
My skills are
Web Technologies: HTML5, css3, Javascript, Jquery
Prototyping tools: Justin mind, Pixate, Axure, Invision, marvel, Framer studio.

But i dont have any design experience, its required for Interaction design jobs?

Please share your thoughts.


Hey Mahendran ,

We were all designed to be able to design - it’s part of your internal make up .
UX has a lot to do with the philosophy & phycology behind the scenes , which means if you can think / contemplate / care / mediate you will be a great UX Designer .

Do a course or 2 or 10 at the Interaction Design Foundation in Copenhagen .
Your skills will come to life when you mix the 2 .

You’ll also have an edge because of your background because you’ll be able to offer a combination of skills which are very sought after - I know because I hunt the combo’s down everyday and help them filter into businesses.