What is the persona for a public facility?

I’ve been reading this article.

Up-to-date personas result in a better UX design process. Data from 156 companies provide a baseline to understand how often to revise personas. Knowing when and how frequently to make updates will help you craft personas that are both accurate and effective.

It addresses a lot about how to create a persona for a “product”. But how about the persona for a public facility for example a train station? “Products” like these have almost a whole range of “users” ,but we are still aimed at designing the “interface” so it’s “universal” enough for literally everyone right? How is that done?

Why would you create a persona for a thing? IN this example personas describe how a class of users that use the train station would behave.

Unless I’m missing something I think you’ve misunderstood what personas are for.

Thanks colmcq. Problem solved. So just create all classes of personas that represents the whole range of users.

You still would want to describe what entity ‘Train Station’ is I suppose.

True. The question I started out was kinda too general and yes, I had a misunderstanding about the meaning of persona. Reason I asked this is because from the articles online and work I’ve been doing they are all really focusing on a “thing”, an object, but we all know that’s not the only case, so I was thinking about a train station that everyone of us will use in daily life; as a “product” that the train company/government builds and sells.

@Pyllo: Sounds like you want to look at how personas are used in service design. I’d suggest Marc Stickdorn’s Service Design Thinking and Andy Polaine’s Service Design.

Hope that helps, Jared

Thanks jmspool. You’re right, Coz I found service design is also interesting, but probably much harder than product design, thinking of how “feature” can be changed and “updates” to be made.

This is similar to a project I worked on where the audience was “the entire state”. We had the same question. The solution for us was to define three key use cases. Therefore, if your train station has three key use cases you might be able to find your way to what you’re after. Until we had our use cases, devs were just doing fluffy work around the edges and nothing meaningful, because we had no measure.

So, perhaps rather than a persona straight up, you define a use case. And from there think about people. Otherwise you end up bashing your head against a wall of all possibility.

Hope this helps!