What moderated remote usability testing tool's have people used

I want to do usability testing on a website, however our users are spread across the UK so doing it remotely is the best option - financially/in order to get a high number of participants/not take up too much of the users time as they are time poor.

I have been looking at software to do this, but everything seems to be focused on ‘Unmoderated’ rather than ‘Moderated’ studies.

What i need is to be able to have something that is simple for the user to use, be able to see the users screen, hear what the user is saying and (possibly the most important) see the users facial expressions so that i can get a signal of how they are feeling about what they are doing in order to delve deeper into it after each task.

Information on any tools/software etc that others have used would be appreciated.

When an in-person usability session is impossible, I use GoTo Meeting. It allows you to record the session, share and hand over control of your screen to a participant, share your screen, allow participants to share their screens while displaying video of their face.

The downside is that when recording, GoTo Meeting doesn’t record video from the participants display camera or similar. You don’t have that facial record along with the actions recorded on screen.