Which college/university is best for UI/UX design or HCI? Confused between US and UK

I’m a graduate in Bachelor of Computer Science. I’m interested in pursuing HCI / IxD / UxD abroad but as in India I only have 15 years of education as of now so getting into US is a bit difficult so I’m trying for UK. I’m dream college is Carnegie Mellon University.
So should I go for a MS in CS from UK and then apply for MS HCI in CMU or should I go for MS HCI from UK and again do the same course from CMU next year?

I would recommend the online IxD Masters from Lindsey Wilson College. We are a small private-nonprofit but our online Masters Degree in IxD is shaping up to be one of the best. Our program Director and Instructors are all either graduates of or have taught at SCAD(one of the most prestigious design schools in the U.S.). They are all working professionals in the UX/IxD field at companies throughout the world. These faculty teach the most current methods and technology being used today. This is a great advantage as those who teach only may not be current as this field evolves so quickly. If you would like to learn more go to http://lindseyonline.lindsey.edu.

Aditya—I would encourage you to NOT underestimate the UK when it comes to UX in-general. Some of the best and brightest in the industry are British, and for some reason a lot of the groundbreaking research & practices have come out of the U.K.

As someone who worked in UX in the UK for 7 years (as an American), I can say this is true… If it were me, I would actually prefer to study and practice in the UK compared to The States, even though I’ve moved back to The States now.

All the best!

Hello Chris
Thank you for your valuable response. It would be a great help if you could suggest me the Universities in UK which are good for HCI or Ixd.


Hi there Aditya ,

Agree with the comments re UK & and the US .

The California College of the Arts is one of the global benchmarks ito UX Development .
The UK is the only country I know of who has a Government program who puts a lot of research into UX and we in South Africa do some work with Liverpool University ito UX Development . You can contact me on dereck@swapmobile.co.za and i’ll put you in touch with the contact at Liverpool .
Both countries also have widespread membership with the Interaction Design Foundation in Copenhagen which kind of says it all - the latter being virtual and can deal with anything UX across the board - Google them and join in the coolest UX Community on the globe .

Every single University on the planet is in some form of development re UX as it is becoming drastically relevant in ALL study fields .

India has a wide variety of Institutions with IDF membership so maybe the IDF (in Copenhagen) is a good start .

All the best