Which companies would you suggest specialise in Interaction Design


I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of fantastic companies who use Interaction Design as part of products or services delivery to consumer or b2b, b2c marketplace.

Please add your suggestions onto the post, and a reason why.

Lexis Nexis have a pretty huge UX team as far as I remember


Is one of my favourites due to the way that they use prototypes to communicate concepts to the audience in a unique and innovative manner that tells a story.

H+Technology: Holographic display and custom interactive environments

The few ones that immediately comes to my mind are:

  • Cooper Interactive: http://www.cooper.com/ : Founder is Alan Cooper, one of author of the Best Selling UX Book, About Face.
  • Frog Design: - One of the oldest and most well known company in this field.
  • Artefact Group: - The body of work is outstanding.
  • Thoughtworks: - Have amazing array of interesting Case Studies.


Some good names here, and there are definitely some great smaller ones that we know for different markets.

I work with the executive team at www.EchoUser.com, a UX Research and Design firm based in SF. Not many people know this about us but most of our 30 person team is are interaction designers who really focus on User Centered Design in collaboration with our research team.

Love to hear about others, we are always looking for good partners to refer to in local markets when we can’t jump in on them.

Thanks for starting the chain.

My small business
Dutch Interaction Designer & Interface Designer
Userflow Interaction Design

Interaction Design Foundation - https://www.interaction-design.org

Self-paced courses, great community and literature collection. Also, Don Norman is in their Executive board. I would certainly recommend them especially because you have a great value for your money.

Teamsdesign, they have a range of product service also covering interaction projects.

I am also agree with comic Lexis Nexis is a big ox team

Hi @useless, many companies are there to suit your needs, but Mockplus can be the most right choice so far.

It’s supported and maintained by a team of experienced developers and engineers, focusing on delivering interaction design and improving user experience in a timely manner. There are more than 400 interactive components and 200 icons with “Group” features for you to better visualize your ideas. The drag-and-drop options and hassle-free sharing features are also far beyond your demands. Above all, it’s available for free download via the following link:


This is my favorite company, and many reviews on Google search can prove my recommendation. Hope my answer can help you;-).

Someone said something about IDF .

That is direction - as they themselves believe every company on the planet , every person and especially every Education Institution should form part .

if we are going start building a new and clever planet everyone should be in , that is precisely what went wrong during the 1st 2015 years .

The core of UX is about intelligent caring .

Everyone is going to have to start caring for everyone .

Disclosure: I’m the founder of the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF). I happened to come across this thread and was excited to see people mention the IDF. We aren’t technically a business focusing on interaction design, but rather an online university that helps other organizations put UX design at the very core of their practice.

As it’s a little difficult for me to be unbiased, I’ll share a couple of very kind reviews that we received from our members :slight_smile:

Review of the Interaction Design Foundation - UXPin

We’re absolutely convinced about the need for design to be central to strategic decisions in organizations, the context could be anything from governance to for-profit businesses. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.


Here is one more:

Review of the Interaction Design Foundation - Usabilla