Why is this forum so quiet?

For a membership of “80,000 people worldwide” it baffles me why this forum is - essentially - a ghost town. There are some world class designers on here and yet nothing, nothing is being said.

So let’s start a conversation - any conversation - every day and maybe we can breathe life back into this place.

Today’s conversation: why is this microwave interface so complicated?

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Hello! I wonder how one should use the “defrost by weight” and “cook by weight”.
I hope this microwave have a weighing scale feature :smiley:

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I guess they assume what you will be defrosting is store-bought and has a weight. Or you have scales and can be bothered weighing what you have.

I’m assuming this feature works the same way it does on my microwave, in that it will ask you the weight and then ‘auto-determine’ how much power & time the item needs. If I’m not sure I guessimate, and I’m willing to bet that a lot of users do that too.

Now, the ‘cook by weight’ feature is a bit odd. Who does that?! Does anyone do that?

I can’t read the gray buttons. Image is too small/low res.I think the top one is popcorn, one is beverage, not sure about the others.

One of the features I really like on my microwave is that when I hit “1” it turns on instantly and gives the item 1 min of high power. 2, gives 2 mins, etc. No “time cook” enter time: one zero zero, press start button. That’s reducing 5 button pressings to 1. Efficient!

that’s a nice shortcut!

My microwave just has two dials, power and time. Power is always on full and all i do is turn time to about 1/2 mins and I’m off

Because they don’t have a right solution advancing the times to redfine the Informations of the Interface of the microwave.
The example is very good one to explanation how importance of design ist. And why is this microwave interface so complicated? It’s really a long Story.

First, Not every function is the same importent to the users. So there musst be a change to show the difference.
Second, the Numbers from 0 to 9 takes a large place, which they don’t need to. They did not find a better way to show them.
Third, there is non ideas of user experience und interactions. I did not feel.

So designers musst to redfine all the Informations, and know which level themselves are.
And User research is much importent hier. We need to know that, which funktions ist importent oder frequently used to users. Deeply as more as we can, find the close interaction experiences between the microwave and the users.

Finally give them reasonable position, color, lightness, size and the surrounding relationship.
It’s my personal opinion. I try to write more, but my english ist not good.

No worries, I think you did fine. I’m sure your english is better than my german!