Wizard inside a Wizard?

I am a UI designer, working on a webapp that deals with lot of user data and grids. The base portion where the user enter their personal details has been split up into a wizard. Here the user may be a company or an individual user. The wizard just works fine if the user is an individual. But if its a company then the company should enter their own details and then their staff details. The client want’s it all inside a wizard.

Now I’m stuck in the wizard step where the company adds their staffs. The client want’s another full screen wizard branching from that particular step. Basically a Wizard inside a wizard. Its a 4 or 5 step wizard for both user and company. Most companies will have their staff detail in a excel sheet which they can upload. So, that step will have a grid and they will rarely enter details manually. But an option should be there for them to fill manually.

So, Is it good to have a wizard that’s branching out form another wizard? Or can it be a popup wizard?