Writing Unit tests to test UX?

This is based on a rather bizarre job interview i had few weeks ago,

The developer who interviewed me actually asked outright if he could write Unit tests (and i’m not joking about this at all) for User experience. (Poss cheaper than hiring a human but a poor result will ensue!)

I’d like to throw this debate open to those of you who are familiar with UX and development practices.

Honest Opinions, Welcome …

Been working in UX for 7 years + and I’ve only just heard of this term.

Its a technique for testing minimal code units? UXers do a lot but I’m struggling to find anything useful here.

I would say this is either simple ignorance of UX, or something I have found to be quite common amongst companies that give lip service to UX.
The reality is they just want a developer to make the UI “pop”.
This attitude translates as yeah yeah user research all that stuff but what we really want is a sharp looking interface. Its jumping straight to the icing on the cake without doing all the leg work that is required to produce a sharp looking interface that is both useful and useable.
Developers code the icing, and good code should be testable. But it is not UX, and thankfully I know a whole bunch of smart developers who recognize the value that UX brings to the table.

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